Hello Friends!!!

My name is Ferdinand, but I have a nickname Ferdi Cullen who I really think that represent my personality. Moreover, Cullen is the family name of the vampire family in Twilight, do you familiar with Edward Cullen. However, I’m a good person so you don’t be afraid of me.

I write this web because I feel that writing is the best way for me to express my opinion. I love to travel and I want to make a stories about my travel experience, which is sometimes tricky, catchy, and awesome.

Indonesia my home country is cool and beautiful country. Currently, I live and grow in Medan and the Medan people is famous with their unique accent.  Horas!!!. As a 90’s childhood, I was inspired by Star Wars and other 90’s famous icon. I love to travel, watch movie, read books, and gaming.

I hope you enjoy my website and I love to hear your comment

Best Regards

Ferdi Cullen


  1. Blog yang keren. Semangat menulis.
    Salam dari lereng semeru.


    1. Terima kasih salam kenal juga


  2. hahaha… sama2 bang Ferdi 🙂


  3. wah, scorpio man juga ya Mas hehe…


    1. Iya benar Salam kenal ya bang, dan komen ini langsung menyadarkan saya agar segera update halaman ini karena ada beberapa yang sudah tidak update makasih ya bang sudah di remind hehehe

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