Hello Friends!!!

My name is Ferdinand, but I have a nickname Ferdi Cullen who I really think that represent my personality. Moreover, Cullen is the family name of the vampire family in Twilight, do you familiar with Edward Cullen. However, I’m a good person so you don’t be afraid of me.

I write this web because I feel that writing is the best way for me to express my opinion. I love to travel and I want to make a stories about my travel experience, which is sometimes tricky, catchy, and awesome.

Indonesia my home country is cool and beautiful country. Currently, I live and grow in Medan and the Medan people is famous with their unique accent.  Horas!!!. As a 90’s childhood, I was inspired by Star Wars and other 90’s famous icon. I love to travel, watch movie, read books, and gaming.

I hope you enjoy my website and I love to hear your comment

Best Regards

Ferdi Cullen


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