Seattleites : Introduction My One Month Residence

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Dennis Reed: It rains nine months a year in Seattle. …
Becky: Your destiny can be your doom. …
Jay: Gunga Din is not a, a swatch kinda movie.
Annie Reed: Destiny is something that we’ve invented because we can’t stand that fact that everything that happens is accidental. (Sleepless in Seattle)

Do recall with the quotes above, yeah it’s taken from the movie Sleepless in Seattle, one of my favorite movies in the 90s. However, who would have thought it turns out that now stepped on the residence of Dennis and Annie finally materialized. Yeah, I’m now accidentally a Seattleites for this next year.

Seattle Great Wheel in Seattle Waterfront

It rains nine months a year in Seattle. It’s a fact, and it’s true that if you want to go to Seattle, the first thing you must have items list is a rain jacket and umbrella. Although if you use an umbrella, it will be seen that you are not Seattleites so rather than use the umbrella you are accustomed to just wearing a hoodie although raining, then you will be alike as a Seattleites.

One word that describes this city is Change, this city is a city that is often changing. Seattle is on the West Coast of the United States with the state of Washington State, in here the people is very liberal. For example, this city is the first city in America that legalize Same-Sex Marriages, Assisted Suicide, and Marijuana. But beyond that, the city of Seattle is so popular with its unique Entrepreneurship Start-Up and Disruptive Technology, there is some article, for instance, Wall Street Journal and The Economist that cited, Seattle will replace Silicon Valley in San Jose within the next 5 years. One of the key strengths is this city became the headquarters of Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and other well-known company. This makes there are so many people around the world interested in living here.

Seattle Skyline in Seattle Waterfront

Well for you who loves Outdoor activity Seattle is your best place. There are so many option to do for adventure activity. For example, its close to Mt Rainier, Olympic National Park, Beautiful Lake (Lake of Washington), and a lot of beautiful parks that surround this city. The warranty of adventurous you will be delighted here.

Seattle Skyline in one of the parks in Seattle

Seattle is famous for its music history well. Surely must be familiar with Jimi Hendrix rock guitarist Afro American was from Seattle. Then, the legend of Rock, Nirvana, with the vocalist Kurt Cobain who entered the ranks of inspiring Rock Star,  was born in Seattle. Otherwise, Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters born and raised in Seattle. It makes this city feels like The City of Rock&Roll, and there are a lot of live music festivals and live acoustic here. So for Rock fans,  Seattle will be your appropriate city.

Jimi Hendrix Statue, in order to honor him

However, there are some negative things that I feel after staying 1 month here. Firstly, the cost of living here is quite high although its still bigger in 5 major cities in the US (New York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Washington DC and Las Vegas)  but we also have to spend deeper pocket in order to able to live in this city. Secondly, although the security level here is perfect, while the people are so nice,  even entered as the safest city and deservedly occupied by the side of security. But because the cost of living is getting higher and higher, therefore homeless people increasingly in this city, sometimes homeless here is a bit aggressive but they are still good, so the only way to avoid them just say NO, and you will be safe. The third is RAIN well for some locals they say rain in Seattle is a blessing but sometimes for me can affect the mood regularly, but I have started to get used to and have started to enjoy my rain.

Here I listed, the Top 5 Places that you can do when in Seattle is :

1. Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is the oldest traditional market in America. With his very famous motto “Meet Your Producer” brings a straightforward concept that confirms the seller and the buyer without the embark of a broker.

The market sells a lot of things from farmers good, seafood, such as Salmon to flowers, and also various handcrafts. In addition to buying a lot of things, you can also see the attraction of fish throwing that usually done by the fisher merchant in here. And do not forget to see Seattle Waterfront behind the scenery from Elliot Bay is very beautiful from this market.

Place for Relax in Pike Place Market

2. Museum of Pop Culture

As I already told that the progress of the entertainment world is exciting in this city. This museum is famous for its architecture that is always sophisticated. To begin with, this museum presents all of the elements in pop culture not only music but also history, for instance, the origin of the inspires Paul Allen the creator of Microsoft. Then, the legendary history of Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix, and of course the development of the pop industry for example games and movies.


Museum of Pop Culture
1000 guitar represent how powerful music influence in Seattle

3. Capitol Hill

The atmosphere of diversity and freedom is available here, and I can say this is my most favorite area of ​​all of Seattle. And this place is also popular for its brewery and nightlife. Otherwise, this area has improved with a lot of street art, especially in the narrow alley.

The part of Capitol Hill

The Raven Street Art

4. Pioneer Square
The place is said to be the old city of Seattle but arguably the beautiful part of Town in my opinion. This place is the start of the first street in Seattle, so it is called First Hill. A typical red brick building I like very much coupled with the city atmosphere that likes the 70’s.

The Seattle original neighboorhood
the building is cool
I love the redbrick style
This is one of the oldest building in Seattle

5. Seattle Skyline and The Space Needle

Maybe the Tower like this already exists around the world and in Indonesia also exist, but that in Seattle is iconic the architecture is quite like a needle so it is called Space Needle. Especially if combined with matching skyscraper building in the vicinity then this building reflects how incredible the development of Seattle in recent years.

Seattle Space Needle and The Skyscrapers

This is my impression for Seattle during my one month here. Look forward to my writing about Seattle next because I have prepared a particular column to discuss this city in my next article. If you want to try West Coast culture I highly recommended you to come here let’s do it and visit Seattle

Thank You

Ferdi Cullen Greetings from Seattle


    1. hi dedy
      maaf ya baru balas, baru selesai ujian soalnya awal agustus ini hehehe
      untuk biaya hidup di Seattle base on numbeo Indeks nya adalah 84.86, masih di bawah New York 15.56% per 2017
      jadi dapat dikatakan lumayan sih tapi kalau bagi saya yang biasa hidup di Medan (kota sebelum saya pindah kemari) lumayan terasa sih.
      Untuk pekerjaaan karena kota ini sangat berkembang pesat jadi banyak dibuka lowongan pekerjaan di sini, banyak orang dari NYC pindah kemari mencari pekerjaan. Orang Indonesia yang sudah menetap disini juga sangat banyak yang mendominasi perusahaan terkenal seperti Starbuck, Boeing, Amazon, bahkan Microsoft.
      Jika ada pertanyaan lagi monggo ya terima kasih


  1. Wow, it was lucky of you to have such chance and privilege to live in Seattle. The Pike Place Market would definitely be my favorite! So, in other words, Seattle has everything for everyone from skyscrapers to natural attractions, isn’t it 🙂
    Wah, bakal kuubek-ubek nih blognya.

    Ngomong2, sedikit masukan jujur. Beberapa kalimatnya masih diterjemahkan mentah-mentah dari struktur bahasa Indonesia, mas. Kalau aku biasanya belajar dari baca artikel2 berbahasa Inggris dan nonton film 😀


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