Lets Try Going To Bookshop In Your Adventure

Hola World….

There are not so many people want to come to a bookshop when they’re traveling. But I thought went to a bookshop it is quite intriguing experience when we are in different countries. For this article, I would like to emphasize the two different bookshops that I visited when I traveled to Europe. Not because I’m a book lover but overall it is indeed a fun journey to figure it out how the uniqueness of bookshop in every country we stop by.

Alta Acqua Liberia- VENICE

Venice is the city of Gondola, the town of water or whatever the city name has a particular bookshop that interests me to go there. Alta Acqua Liberia, a fabulous little and old-fashioned bookshop situated in Sestiere Castello street right on the waterfront. From its location, I could see it clearly that this bookshop probably have a problem with flooding. Yes, which is all the books in here are located in malfunction Gondola or bathtubs. Yeap just imagines gondola with full of books ready to sell.

Unique Bookshop near canal
Books in Gondola, its really unusual bookshop
Its also has a mannequin in this bookstore

Another things that attract me its the Black Cat of this store, I was lured by this cats. In this stores, there are so many cats that easily climbed the books. I was such an excited and funny thing at the same time why all these books covered in Gondola and spotted by a cat. Much of the book is used books so guess what its very cheap books.  The price is approximately between 5- 10 Euro. However there also new books, 50% of the book that sells in this store is in Italian, the rest is in English and some 4 or 5% in, for instance, Germany and French. Mostly the books sold in here is Romance Novel yup now we know that Italian is a romantic person.

Hello Cat….

Carturesti Carousel-BUCHAREST

This is what I said as the best bookshop in the world, yeah not only in Europe but also in the world. Situated inside a beautifully restored 19th-century building lies Carturesti Carousel, one of the world’s most impressive bookshops. It’s light, white and stunning. The minimalist design is perfect for browsing, buying or reading books, chill in the mezzanine cafe or photograph the pretty lines.

Renovation Historic Building into a bookstore
amazing bookstore
I love the white color

According to Romanian Insider website, this bookstore located in a 1860s building on the famous Lipscani street in Bucharest’s Old Town, the place, also nicknamed the Carousel of Lights, now accommodates a 1,000-sqm bookshop with 10,000 books, and a bistro – tea house on the highest floor.

The Books is neat as a pin

The bookshop known as the new attractions of the Old Town and has welcomed a significant flow of visitors. What I love about this bookshops is the complete catalog, for example, fiction, non-fiction, business, economics, history, politics, etc and so many books and it similar to a library. We as book lovers will serve by a variety of books and relaxed situation.

Its very stunning view and it looks like a library to me

Finally, we are now that printed book is not dead. People have still loved the published book so do I. even though e-book and other electronic devices want to substitute it. I believe people will always come back to a printed book.

So cmon let us find out what is the unique bookshop that you are already come around in your adventure, share in the comment below. And now you must believe that visiting bookshop its one of the best option in you’re traveling.

Happy Reading


Ferdi Cullen


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