Brasov The Winter Wonderland

Brasov, Transylvania, 6 March 2018

Transylvania is being famous with the famous novel from Bram Strokers, the English writer, which is Dracula. However, it turns out Transylvania has a magnificent beauty that not equal to be compared to just the story of Dracula. While Romania is improvised after the fall of communism, it’s a pretty interesting place to get around than you probably realize. For example, Brasov located 100 km from Bucharest, displays an enchanting beauty. Especially when you are in this city during the winter season, the snowy brick streets to the Hollywood Sign in the city center make this city turns into Winter Wonderland.


Firstly, also honestly, this is my first time visiting the city covered with snow. So I would like to say this apparently become my first experience to visit Winter Wonderland. Brasov is at the heart of Transylvania. Arrived at Bucharest for the first time, after flying from Venice, I was rushed from Henri Coanda International airport to Nara The Gord train station and ought some one way ticket to Brasov, relatively cheap it is only 47 lei for a second-class train (the cheapest train ticket I thought). Approximately 3 hours from Bucharest by Train, we have arrived at Brasov. I was based in Brasov for two days, to explore both the city and the surrounding area in Transylvania. This is one place in Romania you can’t miss!.


The Snowy Council Square

One of the most popular spots in Brasov is the Council Square or Piata Sfatului. In the Piata Sfatului, not only open-square but also we can see a lot of delightful restaurants and cafes. In warm weather, these open their doors and invite you to sit in the sunshine on the square itself. As you sip your coffee, the central square is where the action is, and where you’ll get a great taste of Romanian city life.


Trumpeter Tower, which is a beautiful tower and also the Middle Ages as a watchtower for warning the citadel inhabitants of approaching danger. Today, the old city hall houses turn into the Brasov History Museum. Very iconic, even though is a short tower, it’s still charming an artistic atmosphere to the council square.


Brasov is surrounded by intimidating misty mountains which are home to various creatures of the night including bears and wolves. This city is amazingly picturesque with buildings that look like they fell straight out of a medieval painting. The Old Town Square may be home to modern establishments like Starbucks and the McDonalds, but the buildings are still very medieval in appearance. My most favorite is the sign copied the Hollywood sign in the snowy mountain written “BRASOV”. Wow that’s sign is extraordinary, however in my country in the Batam island there is a large city sign similar to this sign but this sign definitely looks different when its followed by a snowy mountain hmm outstanding.

BRASOV sign up in the hill


The Black Church

In fact, The Black Church is the largest gothic church between Vienna and Istanbul. The Church bell is also known as the largest bell in Romania. Erected between 1477 this medieval church, have a lot of similarity with St, Vitus Cathedral in Prague. Although, this church not colored black, there was a lot of dark history followed it.

The Black Church

First, Mongol invasion of the Romanian land at 14th century made this church horrible extensive damage. Secondly, there was a fire disaster with high leveled flamed most of the town, no exception the church also blown by this fire. This disaster happened in 1689 and it needs 100 years to renovate this building. After renovating, this church is well known as The Black Church, perhaps they remember how the black smoke appears from the fire that destroyed this church.

Gothic Ornamen of The Black Church


Schei District and Fairytale Tower.

Probably this is the most medieval district I ever have seen, and it’s flavored with frost and I’m so excited to see this splendor. My favorite is Catherine Gates, which is a fortification gate that built around 1559 by the Tailors’ Guild, is the only original gate to have survived from medieval times.

The Schei Gate, this is the border between the town and Schei District

When the Saxon rule, Romanians were prohibited from owning landholding inside Brasov and such they lived outside of the wall, erecting their houses outside the city walls, face to this beautiful valley. Furthermore, they created the fortification gate which is one of them is this four turret tower, Catherine Gate. Once it was was part of a bigger structure, which, unfortunately, was demolished in 1827.

The Splendor Catherine Gate
Ferdi Cullen in front of Catherine Gate

The Schei is a closely little valley, its population of about one thousand people crowded together into an area so long and thinly that it seems but a crack between two up mountains, their sides rising sheer and darkly forested. The unpaved streets are thin, and the little-whitewashed houses think tank together along with them as if pressed ever more and more close by the overhanging mountains on either side.

In winter, as a winter wonderland, the town is buried beneath deep snowflake. Paths are trodden out, snowed over again, and re-trodden from house to house, to shop and church and school. In my opinion, its look like an Iceland craft with splendor.


Casa Terezia

If you need to stay at Brasov, I would like to recommend my hotel which is Casa Terezia. Founded unexpectedly by, I have figured out that this is the best hotel in Brasov. Staying there for two days only cost 25 euro, it is absolutely cheap. But the service made by the owner, who is Ms. Terezia was so wonderful. She is a very friendly and respectful person, she gave us the bigger room for two people with one bathroom.

The apartment provides rooms with free wireless internet, heating, a private safe, a dressing area and a DVD player for a cozy stay in Brasov. The rooms also feature parquet floor and wooden furnishing. There is a private bathroom.  that’s why I called this is the best accommodation on my trip. The venue is placed in the historical center of Brasov, Brasov city center is 1 km away or probably 5 minutes walk.


I thought this is not the end of my story there will other stories in Brasov so stay tuned to my blog. Be my guest, if you have any question about Brasov or you wanna comments, don’t hesitate to comment below.




Ferdi Cullen


    1. iya kak noni, simple tapi sangat menyenangkan sekali bisa menginap di Casa Terezia, Ms Terezia sangat ramah dan membuat kami seakan akan berada di rumah sendiri. Jika kakak ke Romania mampir dan menginap di sini ya kak


  1. Wow, sekarang nulis dalam bahasa Inggris juga. Aku dukung! Beberapa destinasi (terutama yang masih anti mainstream buat turis Indonesia) memang lebih pas ditulis dalam bahasa Inggris. Aku juga lagi belajar, hehe.
    That black church fled my fantasy away, it looks like a movie set


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