The Sleeping Venetian

THERE is a glorious city in the sea. The sea is in the broad, the narrow streets, Ebbing and flowing; and the salt sea-weed. Clings to the marble of her palaces. No track of men, no footsteps to and fro, Lead to her gates. The path lies o’er the sea, Invisible; and from the land, we went. (Samuel Rogers-British Poet)


Venice-Italy, 3 March 2018

The city of Venice is a unique city in the middle of Adriatic Sea Lagoon, connected as many as 118 islands. For centuries, the lagoon was the terminal for hundred cross bustling trade ships sailing in the  Adriatic Sea, down from Central or Northern Europe through a river.

Initially, after falling of the Western Roman Empire, the islands of Venice was under the power of the Byzantine that ruled in Constantinople (Istanbul nowadays). However, the citizens had time happens rebellion, so they proclaiming independence for them. After the separating from The Roman Empire, Venice has become an independent country, the smallest one in Europe at the middle age, had been located between two large empires both  Byzantium in the East and also Frank in the West, makes  Venice location strategic for trading both empires.

Venice is growth to be very prosperous. Many architect and artist were coming to this city. They are created to build all building, a very beautiful and artistic creation, which can be watched now. When I visited this city, I feel that I back into the middle ages. This city is mesmerized, and because of its basic structure is water you will not look the existence of either car or bus. All transportation using water medium, the cheapest public transportation called Vaporetto or water bus, water taxi, and certainly the most famous; the Gondola.

Treviso Airport

To begin with, I was traveled to Venice from Treviso Airport, which is the low-cost airport in Venice that had 26 km away from the downtown. I was used Wizz Air, and we arrived at Venice by noonday from Frankfurt. Treviso is a very simplistic airport, and there is a bus that can bring us to Venice. The bus called ATVO, one-way ticket priced 12 euro and 22 euro for a return ticket. You can buy a ticket at the machine counter near the baggage claim, or with a counter in close proximity where the bus parked. Airport Treviso very small, I was remembered much like airport Hussein Sastranegara in Bandung. You can find directly the bus after going out the exit, there are officers which ready help you to buy the ticket, and even some shop nearby the airports also exist sell it.

ATVO bus stop at Treviso Airport

Then, with the schedule once an hour, this bus is very comfortable used. Seventy minute time required for go through travel from the airport to the downtown. The last stop is in The Piazzale Roma, which isbus station in Venice. Well, I figured it out, from Piazzale Roma to the downtown of Venice is still within 5 km longer. There are several options to the middle of the city. First, the cheapest that is walking, although, I do not recommend especially for you that like using heavy luggage. Second, are used Vaporetto or the Water Bus. Although, because this city was well known as a famous city in the past to now. Hence this is to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. Single ticket prices for Vaporetto guess it…. worth 7 euro, wow wow wow.

The Water Bus station

Winter in Piazza San Marco

Fog thick enveloped the city in the early morning, the next day after arriving. I’m very excited to know that I’m in Venice one of my bucket list city. Moreover, in this cold morning, fog thick visible enveloped all around the city, and my wild imagination has imagined the city looks like a Sleeping Beauty. Yes, the city looked so pretty, with the fog is scrolled.

Morning in St. Mark Square

I thought traveled to Venice in March was gonna be warmer. Furthermore, I just figured out that I totally wrong. It still cold and this is the coldest trip that I ever had since 5 years I become a traveler. My first destination was Piazza San Marco or St. Mark Square, many people claimed as the most beautiful Town Square in the world. With the temperatures, about 8 degrees Celcius not make me surrender to explore the city.

With only used a map that I get it from my hotel, I’m looking for fastest towards to Piazza San Marco. After arriving, a beauty of the city hall increasingly interested me when covered fog thick. In order, the middle there is Basilica St. Mark, next of it there is The Campanile Bell Tower, right of it is Doges Palace, Snap by shoot I do it for this important perpetuating moment  Following is some results photo I shoot in this square.



For a moment I enjoy a peaceful time.


Basilica San Marco

Officially called The Patriarchal Catedral Basilica of Saint Mark, or well known as Basilica San Marco is a church in the middle of St. Mark Square which famous for its Byzantine architecture. At a glance, I was realized that probably this church similar to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey. But I guess this beautiful dome built by Italian architecture.  The mosaic and features in this church relatively imitate the style of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople at that time. Built on year 828 century, basically, this church was dedicated to the Doges. Doges or Ducal are Mayor or leader that ruler Venice, they are although not a king but they have very power influential in Italy. Campanile is a separate Bell Tower from Basilica San Marco, however, be the part of the church very iconic with color orange and roof triangle. One of the reasons I want to Venice is wanted to look directly to the church which is the setting of Dan Brown’s story in Inferno, previously I have written a story about The Inferno in Istanbul, finally, I already accomplished another Inferno-Dan Brown to Venice to see the magnificent Basilica.

Me in front of the Basilica

Next door building which pays attention was Torre Dell’orrogio or Clock Tower. Similar to Prague Clock Tower,  the glorious Torre dell’Orologio, also known as St. Mark’s Clock Tower, or “the Moor’s Clocktower,” facing into Piazza San Marco, is a marvel of 15th-century engineering. The clock tower is topped by two bronze figures who strike the bell hourly known as Ding and Dong. A solace of the winged lion of St. Mark, philanthropist saint and symbol of Venice, stands briefly on an open book below the Moors. A statue of the Virgin Mary stands one level down them, above the massive clock face. The clock was deliberately designated to sit high enough in the square to be protected from Venice’s waters and to be visible from the canal.

St. Mark Clock Tower
Ding and Dong, two Moors

The Freezing Grand Canal

After fascinating view of St Mark Square, we can see beautiful water flow in the sea, yes it is the Grand Canal. Before reaching the canal, Ducal Palazzo or   Doges Palace is a palace that designed for Doges. Doges who become the most influential ruler in Venice. The architecture of this palace seems familiar I thought, similar to the palace in the Middle East with form box square hmmm I thought is almost the same as Alhambra in Granada, I guess.

The Ducal Palazzo

Overlooking directions of Grand Canal from the palace, we can see the tall poles were there two fruit pole very high. The first pole,  there a statue of Lion colored silver and winged. The Lion is an emblem of the city of Venice, you can look almost in every corner of the city this Lion figure. The second pole, known as Column of St. Theodore who represented St. Mark himself as the patron of Venice.

The Lion and The Saint


Next, I continued my morning walk along the beautiful Grand Canal, and I see there is a lot of Gondolas parked and cleaned by the riders. They are so spiritful and in my opinion, they believe that today they will earn a lot of money from the tourist hehehe. Another attractive view, which is my favorite the view from the opposite the canal, we can see the magnificent dome the Church of Santa Maria Basilica De La Salute dome that shines charming right aligned with the beauty of blue Adriatic sea water on the Grand Canal


Eventually, I have founded two beautiful bridges when I explored the Grand Canal. Firstly, is hanging around in the narrow canal between Doges Palace and Venice Prison. This bridge name is Bridge of Sighs, rumors said this bridge crosses by villain or criminal who had been punished to rest their life in the prison. Literally, this prisoner must step the bridge and formally they will watch the city for the last time through the window in this bridge.

Bridges of Sighs, prisoner through this bridge

Another beautiful bridge, The Arsenale, once is the first shipyard in Venice. built with a shiny ornament of Greek represent Poseidon as the Sea God. This two gate of Arsenale are pretty colorful and become the oldest bridge in Venice.

The Arsenale Gate

Finally, the fog is slowly been faded and the day increasingly become afternoon. However, the weather is still very cold. Temperature shows a range between of 8-10 degrees Celcius. I still continue my journey to visit another part of this city so stay tuned for my next story in Venice. I hope you enjoy my story please subscribe and comment.

Grazie Tante

Ferdi Cullen


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