Melbourne The Enchanted Adventure

Melbourne, this was my first time to visit this beautiful city in 2013 and it’s already 3 years passed when I wrote this story, one word to describe was Enchanted and I feel this city is enchant me particularly. Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia. According to Wikipedia, Melbourne rates highly in education, entertainment, health care, research and development, tourism and sport, making it the world’s most liveable city—for the sixth year in a row in 2016.

The Map of Australia and Melbourne

By the way, before we moved to, let me tell you about our hostel. The Melbourne YHA Central has recommended hostel in Melbourne, situated only  five minute walk from Southern Cross Station, and the city’s many hidden laneways filled with famous street art, cafes and unique bars. After we arrived at the hostel, unfortunately we can’t go to the room because the room is available at 1.00 PM, but we can keep our luggage and then it’s time to explore the city. We had only two day, one night in this enchanted city.

Melbourne in the morning

Southern Cross Station, Etihad Stadium, and Melbourne Dockland

The Southern Cross Station Melbourne
The Southern Cross Station Melbourne

We begin our trip to the Southern Cross railway station, the station is just a 5 minute walk , we are walking and trying to mingle with the local and capture some of the beautiful and unique spot. Southern Cross Station is a major railway station in Docklands, Melbourne. It is on Spencer Street, between Collins and La Trobe Streets. The Etihad Stadium is next 500-700 M away, Docklands Stadium (also known by its former sponsored names of Colonial Stadium and Telstra Dome as well as its current sponsorship name of Etihad Stadium) is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment stadium in the Docklands precinct of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Construction started in October 1997 under the working name, “Victoria Stadium” and was completed in 2000.

The Etihad Stadium in Dockland Melbourne

In front of the stadium, there is a dockland that I think magical,Victoria Harbour, a harbour that surrounds the Yarra River. This river is the river that flow and make the Melbourne city become more livable. We tried one or two, maybe more pictures in this harbour, it’s pretty quiet in the morning, but in the night don’t ask is really colourful, crowd, and attractive.

Yarra River and Victoria Harbour

Enough enjoyed the harbour view with quickly we confront the nearest tram station and begin to enjoy exploring the city with The City Circle Tram. The Melbourne tramway network is a major form of public transport in Melbourne. As of May 2014, the network consisted of 250 kilometres of track, 493 trams, 25 routes, and 1,763 tram stops. It is the largest urban tramway network in the world. The most  I liked from the tram was there is a route called City Circle Tram that cost no cost at all which mean is free. It is a free tram service, stopping at a key tourist attractions and destinations in and around the city. Onboard you can view the city in comfort while listening to an informative commentary about the city’s attractions. You can hop on and off at any of the 13 stops. Beside the tram there also the free bus which is The Melbourne visitor city Shuttle.

Upss I’m so excited to see Tram so I take this picture

The Free City Circle Tram is a convenient way to see the sights of central Melbourne while experiencing a ride on one the city’s iconic historical tram. We take the tram from the nearest stop at Harbourland and arrived at the Flinder Street Station.

The City Circle Tram, ancient but very worth it because is FREE
Inside the tram very comfort

Federation Square : Flinder Street Station and St. Paul Cathedral.

The Flinder Street Station, iconic Victorian Building in Australia

The Flinder Street Station is the most famous railway station in Melbourne. Flinders Street Station was officially opened in 1910 not only serves as a station but also as a cultural symbol and one of the most important landmarks in Melbourne. Built in the style of the French Renaissance with a large dome and clock tower, this beautiful station reminds me of Another King Cross station in London. It’s not just the outer part that looks old-fashioned, inside any retained its authenticity even though there’s been here plus a few modern tools such as escalators. In the daytime the station already looks very beautiful. And of course we take so many times in this spot, for making an unforgettable picture. Here are some brief snapshots of our work hehehe, its really fun and passionate.

Just a lttle selfie in front of The Flinder Street Station

Not far from the station is an open space that serves as a “square” city of Melbourne, Federation Square or known as Fed Square occupied by the unique buildings which became the headquarters for several institutions including: Melbourne Visitor Centre, located in the underground, this building serves as a tourist information centre and a place of booking a wide range of tours from cheap to expensive. In addition, numerous free map and various tourist information leaflets are also widely available. If you want to join the tour such as Great Ocean Road Tour, you should check this place and find the staff, there are very helpful and they wouldn’t mind finding the cheapest price for you.

The Federation Square
The Federation Square
The People in Melbourne relax on the Federation Square
It’s simple and attractive square

In the middle of the square there is also a giant screen that is often used as NOBAR (watch the movie together) directly notable sporting events such as: FIFA World Cup (soccer) and Australian Open (tennis). Free tour circles the Federation Square held from Sunday to Monday 11 a.m. with time duration 1 hour. The route of the walk from Southern Cross Terminal to Federation Square.

The St. Paul Cathedral
The St. Paul Cathedral
The Captain Matthew Flinder Statue in the coutyard of St. Paul Cathedral

St. Paul Cathedral Overview about the St Paul’s Cathedral, this church was built between the years 1880-1931 in the design by architect named William Butterfield. Until now the Church is still operational and is used for worship, blessing, baptism until the funeral, which uniquely here also there is a special schedule for worship in mandarin that is every Saturday at 10 am. And honestly, this is my first time to see this beautiful gothic European church. Because of that, we take so many times again to take another snapshot at this first gothic building that I ever met. Alongside the church there is a statue of Captain Flinder, the cathedral’s architecture that described as Gothic transitional, combining Early English and Decorative Gothic styles.

This is my first experience sees the beauty of Gothic Church

Flagstaff Garden and Queen Victoria Market

Next, we use free tourist Shuttle Bus from Flinders Street, to the Queen Victoria Market 7/Elizabeth St. Queen Victoria Market is one of the most famous landmarks and markets in Melbourne. Also known as the Queen Vic Markets or Vic Market, a market that already this year 138-old (founded in 1878). With an area of approximately 17 acres, Vic Market is the largest open-air market in the southern region. The seller alone has reached approximately 1000 people. We found some stuffs and souvenirs around here and the people are so familiar with Indonesian language so I Think you can use Bahasa to conduct transactions in this market.

The Queen Victoria Market

A sense of weary feet and we finally get out of the market, all of a sudden we saw a garden which seems especially appropriate as a place of rest. The garden is the Flasgstaff Garden and views of the garden is very beautiful because it is currently the  fall season so that the leaves turn into yellow, beautiful of course and soon our camera to take an action and here are some results of our snapshots.

Me and this beautiful autumn leaves tree
The park has so many tree with beauty leaves
Not so much people at that time in Flagstaff Garden

Quoted as saying from Flagstaff Gardens are Melbourne’s oldest gardens. They take their name from a Flagstaff erected in 1840 at the settlement’s highest point, in order to communicate between the harbour and town. This became known as “Flagstaff Hill”. Before this, the area was used as a cemetery and was known as Burial Hill. (There is a memorial in the gardens that marks the graves of the first European settlers.) The hill was at such a high point that people going to Flagstaff Hill enjoyed panoramic views of the bay. However, as city buildings rose up around the gardens, the views were blocked out. Today, standing in the gardens, it is hard to imagine that this was such a high point and that it was once possible to see the bay. There are monuments and sculptures set out across the gardens.

The Royal Exhibition Building

The day went so fast, after rest and full recharged we continue our journey to… I’m not remember, but I think we use the free bus and arrived at this another gothic building called The Royal Exhibition. Edging along the city limits is Carlton Gardens, home to the Melbourne Museum complex and the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building. This building makes me so interest. I tried to study the history and the result make me stunned. This building is the first international exhibition building in the late 19-th century. Completed in 1880, a product of the optimism, enthusiasm and spirit of Melbourne society. With its meticulously-restored opulent interior, expansive galleries and soaring dome, the Great Hall continues to offer a magnificent setting for trade shows, fairs and cultural and community events. The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens were inscribed on the World Heritage list on 1 July 2004, becoming the first building in Australia to achieve World Heritage listing.

The Royal Exhibition Building listed as World Heritage Site
My travel mate in Carlston Garden with the background of The Royal Exhibition Building
St. Patrick Cathedral
Old Treasury Building

We are not so long in this area, because time is approximately 6.00 PM and the sky already become darker. We continue our journey by walk, the free bus and tram already been close at 4.30 PM. It’s interesting to walk between Carlston Garden to Southern Cross Station (the nearest place to our hostel). We see so much unique building such as St. Patrick Cathedral that in my opinion is a very creepy church, then we passed the Old Treasury Building Museum with the styles very attractive. But the last we see some crowd in the near of a lane in the Flinders Street, we tried to find out, ohh how magnificent we found the artistic lane which called The Hosier Lane.

The Hosier lane, full of mural and street arts

Hosier Lane, in here there is a lot of graffiti street art. Some look pretty eye catching, but some I do not understand what is the implied meaning behind these arts.. But I admire this place is worth a visit for those who like Selfie and it’s so instragramable. Unfortunately that day I still don’t have Instagram hehehe so all I do is just take some interesting objects and keep it up for my photograph collection.

Me try to selfie in one of the mural
Another street art that I dont understand the meaning

Okay, that’s all the story of the first day I’ve visited this enchanted city. Very impressive moment.

Here some list reason why I really loved Melbourne so much :

  1. Wi-Fi hotspots located throughout the city, you can easily upload your holiday status in social media. It’s all free and the access is so easy only with email registration and you are already online everywhere.
  2. Public toilet is everywhere, for some reason I think public toilet is very important for us the traveler, because we didn’t know when we must go to the toilet and Melbourne is the best city for serving this facility not much country that I already came understand how important public toilet is even in Europe.
  3. Free Public Transportation. The Melbourne Visitor City Shuttle runs daily, every 30 minutes from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM. The City Circle Tram operates from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. I am not spending a dime of money for transportation in Melbourne and this is the best I felt during the my time travelling the world
  4. Bike Trails everywhere. Around the city you’ll notice blue bike stands by bike available to hire. Daily subscription is only AUD 2.50 and you can return the bike everywhere with the signature blue bike stand. I think this is the healthy way to travel short distance.
The Bike trail
The Visitor Shuttle is Free

See you all and I wish that I could go back to this enchanted town.Please subscribe and make comment below, I’m sorry if my English is not well structured I’m still learned writing in English and your comment about my structure are fully welcomed.

Thank You

Ferdi Cullen


    1. Wah senang sekali bisa mendapat kunjungan dari salah satu travel blogger kondang seperti mas, dan memang di jakarta trem bakal susah itu busway path aja banyak motor atau mobil yang melewatinya apalagi Tram path ya hehehe, terima kasih kunjungannya ya mas


  1. Bangunan kuno di Melbourne ini cantik-cantik banget ya. Dan meskipun kuno, kelihatannya cukup terawat dan bisa menyatu dengan bangunan-bangunan lainnya yang lebih modern. Nice shots and story Fer 🙂


    1. Terima kasih mas bart udah berkunjung ke blog saya. Setuju mas,Melbourne bener bener sangat indah loh mas perpaduan antara kuno dan modern nya sangat apik dipandang mata hehehe


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